Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fleet Race January 25,2015

     Yesterday Gulf Races were canceled because of 20-30 knot winds and 4-6 foot seas .  Today we managed to get in two races in 3-6 maybe a gust to 7.  We did have beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the high 60's.  Bob Morris, Bruce and Andy were in shorts. 
The Ninja Sailor

Lil was in shorts too.  Nice tats.

Not just anyone can pull this outfit off.

Bob Morris always ready to sail.

Keep those feet dry.

Dave & Mark hanging by 'Swamp Thing'

Stu and Andy all ready except for lunch.

     We had 5 boats on the starting line today.  The wind was light and fluky but a long windward leeward course was set and we struggled to finish 2 x's around.  We did another race and shortened it to one time around.  Those light days are the hardest.
Janet is on the helm today while Bruce crews. 
It was hard to keep the spinakers full in this light stuff
"Starboard" hails the blue boat
Looks like their could be a protest coming.  To be discussed!
Another hmmm.
What are you two looking at?

Bruce and Janet heading back to the dock.
Finishing up.  
Next race is February 8th.  Lets have more wind and more boats.  Come on Scott, Eric and Beau & Dede.

Monday, January 12, 2015

First Fleet Races of the New Year 2015

January 10, 2015
We had 5 boats today.  Bob's boat not shown because he does not believe in mast head flies.

Brrrr.  Overcast skies with wind predicted to pick up to 10-15 for the afternoon.
Lil is prepared for the cold.  Make sure "This Side Up" stays this side up.
Mark and Dave chillin' before launching.

Bob and Bob figuring out how to put a stop knot in.

Janet is untangling the running rigging.
Mark & Lil warming up before the start

Stu and Andy getting ready.
We had 3 good races.  The wind never came in as predicted but we got a little sunshine and high 60's with wind north northeast about 6-10.  The wind shifted right before the 4th race which left the course a bid skewed but we raced it anyway.  
The Kelly's bow with Mark and Lil by the mark.

Close one.

Here they all come.  Where are the Kelly's.  They must have taken the picture from out in front. Ha
Close finish with the Bobs just eking out ahead for the finish.

Next Fleet Race Sunday, January 25th at Belleair Causeway