Monday, April 27, 2015

Balmy and Windy for 4/25/15 Fleet Races

Warm southerly winds up to 15 made April 25th a great race day!

Looks like Bob in the background is the only one working.

Lunch first

Bob Morris packing the spinnaker
Janet & Bruce preparing for the races.

Dave Kelly showing off his fancy control panel.
The Kreutzers and the Bobs warming up before the start

Looks like Mark and Lil in the lead with the Bobs trailing.  It must the Kelly's getting a rare shot from behind--haha.
Bob is dousing the spinnaker after the finish.

     (Sorry about the lack of pictures.  I had a lot but they were mostly of water.  Some things went a little wrong today).

Lil had a great dinner for the sailors and our new friend Don.  She made an amazing Mexican fare.
Her famous cheese cake was served to celebrate Angie and Bruce's birthdays.  Happy Birthday you two!  Stu and Shirley-- we missed you.

 Next races: 
Sunday May 3 at Belleair Causeway.  (Saturday is the Gulf races)
 Saturday, May 9th the Day Sailer Women are defending their two time championship in the Women's Challenge, formally known as the Bikini Cup.  They will once again be sailing Bounder II, an S2 7.9                 
 Sunday May 17 at Belleair Causeway (last race of the season)  on the 16th Janet and                      Chris will be competing in the Florida State Women's Sunfish Regatta at Davis Island.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fleet Racing April 11, 2015

Started out with little wind - finished with lots of wind.

Where is the fancy mast head fly?  Bob Holsinger, the birthday boy and Bob Morris and Dave Kelly 

Lil packing the chute
Drifting to the start
Waiting for the wind
Mark and Stu up ahead.  A nice breeze came in but we had to adjust the course for the shift.
 The photographer was slipping today.  No pictures of the Bobs on the water.  Next time.

Next Race--- Saturday April 25

Special Day-- May 9.  The Women's Challenge (really the Bikini Cup)  The Day Sailer women will be defending their two terms as Champions on the S2 thanks to Peter.

Happy 80th Birthday to Stu Smith

Stu turns 80.  It is not every day that your sailing buddy turns 80.  And he still kicks our butts!

Stu sporting the party hat with his wife Shirley
Stu in the center flanked by competitor Janet and his crew Andy.

Stu still in party hat!

Paula (windlass), Ken and Lil

Crew Andy and his wife Lynn
Bruce and Janet

Ken and Paula
The gang celebrating Stu's coming of age.  Keep on Sailing Captain!

 Happy Birthday to Stu


to Bob Holsinger