Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fleet Racing April 11, 2015

Started out with little wind - finished with lots of wind.

Where is the fancy mast head fly?  Bob Holsinger, the birthday boy and Bob Morris and Dave Kelly 

Lil packing the chute
Drifting to the start
Waiting for the wind
Mark and Stu up ahead.  A nice breeze came in but we had to adjust the course for the shift.
 The photographer was slipping today.  No pictures of the Bobs on the water.  Next time.

Next Race--- Saturday April 25

Special Day-- May 9.  The Women's Challenge (really the Bikini Cup)  The Day Sailer women will be defending their two terms as Champions on the S2 thanks to Peter.


  1. Sorry we missed a beautiful day. Looking forward to being with you all in two weeks.

  2. Love hearing about all these events while it is below zero and snowing hard this Sunday, here in the midwest. Ice boating is going on at Lake Onalaska
    where fleet 132 sails daysailers in the Summer months. Thanks for taking care of Gene and Caroline.