Sunday, January 17, 2016

Before the Cold Front

Fleet Racing 1-16-16  The Perfect Day

Saturday was the perfect day between the quickly passing storms on Friday and the midnight thunderstorms on Saturday followed by 25-30 knots of colder air on Sunday.

      It was nice and warm in the 70's with an 8-12 wind from the South.  We set up a long windward-leeward course twice around.
We had four boats out today and Mark and Lil started the races.
Is that a whistle in Lil's mouth?
I think the photographer had too much to drink.  Most of the pictures were of the corner of Swamp thing or Dave's legs.

Bull Frog trusted by Sailors
We did 5 races about 25 minutes each.  It was a great course with a true downwind.
The Kelly's ruled the day with 5 firsts, the Bobs got two seconds. 
Accidental picture but it is cool anyway.  That is Swamp Thing with the tipsy photographer.
Bob and Bob dueling with the Kelly's in a close finish.
They seem to be looking for something 
Stu and JJ with JJ on the helm.  Watch out!
Social time after the racing.  We all met at Legends, formally the Tilted Kilt.  Mark wanted a sports bar so he could watch the football game.  It was wall to wall TV's, plenty of beer, good food and good friends.
Dave and Lil
Mark and Angie

And who won the game?  I don't know.