Friday, March 25, 2016

Florida Mid-Winters 2016

March 18th, 19th & 20th, 2016 Michelob One-Design Regatta

Hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Sarasota, Florida

2016 Mid-winters had 6 competitors warming up to start.  The wind was moderate with the possibility of rain late in the day.  The rest of the weekend looked pretty bad so we knew the Race Committee would keep us out for a long day.  They were planning four to five races.

Before the start

Bruce and Janet of 'Janna' are pointing at something.
 Unfortunately Bob Holsinger and Angie Stirien lost their rig before the first race started.
 Bob even went for a swim to tie a float at the top of the mast.
Is that duct tape holding your boat together?  The boat is ready for the next fleet race on Sunday, April 3.  

     On the Friday we had the S2 7.9's and the Albacores on our course.  After the 4th race, we thought we were done but the RC ran another race just in case.  They ran windward/leeward courses twice around except for one race at 1 time around.  From the first race they flew the I flag to keep everyone in line.
     Mark Rother and Lil Epstein won the coveted first trophy which is awarded to the first boat to round the windward mark in the first race of the regatta.  Congratulations!  They held onto their lead and got a bullet in the first race in a photo finish with the Kellys.  Gary Ogden sailing once again with his daughter Jenna took a third.  Gary drove from Virginia and Jenna flew in from Boston for the event.  They were able to do one more race with Gary barely able to move because of back issues.
Gary and Jenna Ogden in 'Jagen'

 That left 4 competitors
Mark Rother and Lil Epstein

 Bruce & Janet Kreutzer

Wayne Hastings  from Cape Cod (Orleans YC) and Joe (with the long Italian last name) Sarasota

Chris & Dave Kelly
Results from Day 1
Dave and Chris Kelly leading 2-1-1-1-2
Mark and Lil in second           1-2-2-2-3
The Kreutzers in third             5-3-4-4-1   a bullet in the 5th race
Wayne and Joe in fourth         4-4-3-3-4
The Ogdens unable to finish the day

Saturday, Day 2    

Sailing postponed and eventually abandoned because of thunderstorms.

That little red boat photo bombed our picture

Saturday was a drinking, shopping, cigar smoking and coconut day


Sunday, Day 3

The wind was moderate with thunderstorms predicted at just about race start time with winds shifting to the north and building in the afternoon.  The race committee sent us out and it turned out to be a good choice.  The storms never came in though it was overcast and the wind was light but Ok.  This time the S2's were not on our line but the Windmills and Mutineers joined us.  The RC did another 5 races.  The Kelly's won the day securing their 1st place.  Mark and Lil retained their second.  The Kreutzers gained with 3 second places but not enough and Wayne and Joe in 'Squid' were 4th.  This was just the second time they sailed together and in a different boat.

Day 2
Kellys                    1-1-1-3-2 
Rother/Epstein       3-2-4-1-1
Kreutzers                2-3-2-2-4
Hastings/Joe           4-4-3-4-3

Mark Rother's Boat name for 2016 Mid-winters

Awards and Parties

3rd Place - Bruce and Janet Kreutzer

2nd Place- Mark Rother and Lil Epstein

Mark and Lil first around the windward mark in the first race

First Place - Chris and Dave Kelly

The Annual Wall Picture 

The toes need to match the boat
Foot model - Janet Kreutzer

Jenna crewed on an e-scow on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Visitors from Cape Cod

 Fleet Racing 2/27/16

We had five boats out with a little changes in crew.  Wayne skippered "Squid" with Stu as crew.  Bob skippered "War Horse" (is that the name?) and Angie crewed.  Bruce skippered ? and Janet crewed.  Mark and Lil - no change and Chris and Dave no change until later - you'll see.

Wayne and Pat Hastings from Orleans Yacht Club, Cape Cod.  The Hastings hosted the Kelly's last year for the Nationals in Pleasant Bay.
Bruce is checking the wind speed.  Not a cloud in the sky, maybe 60 degrees.  Bruce read the wind at 9 with gusts to 14.  Can't ask for much better than that.  Maybe a little warmer for those wimpy Floridians. 
Bruce and Janet having a snack before racing
That is his thumb in case anyone was wondering.  Go Mark!
The Kelly's taking a picture from behind--- for once
Wayne & Stu with bob and Angie in the background
There goes Mark and Lil
The Kelly's taking a picture from the lead.  That feels better.

Next Race Saturday, March 12