Monday, December 26, 2016

Racing Christmas Eve Eve

December 23 Fleet Racing.... We had 5 boats.  The Plessner's joined us today.

Beau and Deede had to shake the cobwebs off their boat

Bob Holsinger and Bob Morris's butt

Mark Rother and Lil Epstein

Stu and Andy finishing at the white buoy

Stu and Andy resting after the day

It was an amazing day but pretty crazy wind with big shifts, lulls and gusts.  The sky was blue, bathing suit weather and the dolphins were on the course.  The starting line was pretty close to the shoal but a great blue heron stood on the shoal all day to remind us not to sail where the birds are standing.  Can't beat 80's at Christmas.  We don't need no stinkin' snow.

Here are some old pics from other fleet racing this season.

Bruce and Janet

Dave Kelly

Mark and Lil

Mark and Lil

Wave byebye

Getting there


Bruce and Janet again

Lack of wind

Dave at the controls

Happy New Year to Fleet 123 and anybody else too!

First race of 2017 is Saturday, January 14th.  Start time 1 PM

Schedule for 2017 to closing date on May 13

Sat. Jan 28                                           Fleet Race
Sat. Feb. 11                                         Fleet Race
Sat. Feb. 25                                         Fleet Race
Sat. Mar. 11                                        Fleet Race
Fri.-Sun. Mar. 17-19                        Sarasota Mid-winters
Sun. Apr. 2                                          Fleet Racing
Sat. Apr. 15                                         Fleet Racing
Sat. Apr. 29                                         Fleet Racing
Sat. May 13                                         Final Fleet Race

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dunedin Cup Sept. 24, 2016

1st Place Stu Smith and Andy Reeves

2nd Place Mark Rother and Lil Epstein

3rd Place Dave Kelly and Bob Morris

4th Place Bruce Kreutzer and Janet Kreutzer

I am still waiting for official scores and pictures-----