Monday, December 28, 2015


Twas the day after Christmas and all through the bay
5 Day Sailers raced on a warm summers day
There was War Horse and Swamp Thing and Stooze Bote and This Side Up
And a Christmas Miracle because What showed up

Rigging at the boat ramps

It's Bob

Angie is back.
Lil and Angie ready to sail
Dave and Mark thinking
What is Dave holding?  It is some piece from the boat that Bob built this summer.  Not good.
Bob having lunch probably during the skippers meeting since he skipped the reaching mark on the first race.
Stu and Andy.  Nice wind maybe 6-12 from the East, Southeast
Andy on the helm
Bob and Angie heading right for us. 
Stu and Mark reset the starting line for the third race to accommodate the wind shift.  We eliminated the reaching mark  and just did windward/leeward.  Bob must have been having a snack again because he went to the reach mark anyway but still won the race.
Stu and Mark crossing
Mark and Lil making sure the Kelly's don't tack
Stu in the lead
Mark and Lil sailing off somewhere

Beau and Dedee Plessner in What made it out for Races 2-5.  They got two firsts.
Photo finish.  Bob and Angie squeaked in ahead of the Kelly's.  That is Dave's big head in the picture.

Everyone got a first today except for our Champions Mark & Lil.  They had their issues.

The competition continued the next evening at Stu and Shirley's home. 

 Pool Party!

Mark was the winner for the night!

Or Bob was?

Lil and Angie didn't care.

Thanks Stu and Shirley for hosting the pool party.  We will let you know when you can do it again.

Next race is changed from January 9 to January 16th because of the Good Old Boat Race.  We will still race on January 23.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More Amazing Summer in December Sailing

Fleet Racing Sunday, December 13, 2015

     Fleet Racing was changed to Sunday because of big boat Gulf Racing Saturday.  The Kreutzers raced their boat 'Pilgrim II'.  Mark was part of their crew and Dave crewed on some cushy boat and had cocktails and lunch while racing.  They had light winds on Saturday.
     Sunday was cranking from the good old east.  The wind was 12 to 20 with crazy gusts from all over the place - typical easterly.
     Stu finished the repairs on Mark's boat so he was ready to go.
     The first race started with the Kelly's at the boat end and Mark and Lil right under them.  The Kelly's tacked away before they fell into 'This Side Up' and went right.  It seemed like a good choice until a gust hit and Dave's 2015 Day Sailer Nationals hat went overboard.   We chose to save the hat allowing Mark and easy win.

Race number 2 was off.  It did not go well for the Kreutzers.
They were able to get the sail on the boat but now they had to get the mast out of the water.
That was the hard part but the Kreutzers are always prepared.  They had their anchor, radio to call Sea Tow and their tool kit.
With the mast finally on the deck, Mark and Lil prepared to tow.
Things come in 3's.  What will happen next?
No worse for wear - I take that back - Where did they get those outfits?

Everyone be ready to race Saturday December 26.  Maybe we will all get new boats for Christmas.  We need to give Stu a break.  He is getting tired of fixing our boats.

The Classic Boat Race (formally Good Old Boat Race) is Sat. January 9.  Mark is racing in that.  We are cancelling Fleet Racing that day and making it the following Saturday, January 16.  We will still race January 23rd.  

We need a pool party soon!