Sunday, September 14, 2014

Opening Day on Belleair Causeway 9/13/2014

Welcome back to another season of racing!  Opening day was challenging with fluky easterlies, then a southerly, then easterly, then south west-- whatever.  We had four boats for the 1st race of the season and a good practice for the Dunedin Cup coming up on Sept. 27.

Stu and Andy

Mark and Bob

Bruce and Janet

Chris and Dave
      We got in four races with many lead changes due to the fluky winds.  The Kelly's ruled the day with 4 firsts.  The Kruetzer's were going for a second but decided to do another leg instead of finishing-- that hurt-- but we have all done that.

A Tribute to Hank Epstein

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, mentor, friend

Captain of "Lil Giant"

  We will all miss him.

Beignets at Naughty Nancy's

Just to show that we remember.

But memories of you will always stay.

e and tender,

Hank has been awarded permanent right of way on every tack.

e may pass and fade away
But memories of you will always stay.


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