Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb. 8, 2015 Fleet Races

Clear Blue Sky Warm in 70's Aqua Water

and Dolphins

February 8th was a great day on the water.  Fleet 123 had 5 boats out to race on a clear warm day with south east winds to start at 6-10.  The group decided to sail north and race near Compass Island which gave everyone a chance to practice their jibes on the way down.  The wind held up all day for 5 races though it did shift somewhat to the right. 

All Thumbs Up - a good day ahead.
Janet & Bruce

Bob yielded to the peer pressure and installed a high tech mast head fly.

Mark and Lil

Stu and Andy
Bob & Bob

Janet & Bruce

Dave and Chris is there somewhere.

Looking Good!

Close Racing



Next Race is Sunday Feb. 22

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