Monday, March 23, 2015

Michelob One-Design Mid-Winters

Day Sailer Mid-Winters March 20,21 and 22, 2015

     As always Sarasota Sailing Squadron hosted a great regatta.  They provided three days of sunshine and nice afternoon sea breezes. Though it took a while to find the course on the first day, it proved to be a good spot.  It was far from the windward shore which gave time for some waves to build which made for fun sailing.  Only down side was our lack of participation.  There were five boats total including Bob and Leslie Damon who came from Virginia to race. 
Welcome back to Florida Bob & Leslie
We also met some new friends.  Ted and Nancy Sojka came from Iowa and partied with us for the weekend.  Maybe next year you will bring your boat.
Ted & Nancy from LaCrosse Sailing Club

Our old friends from Sarasota, Joe, Wendy and Jerry.  Thanks Joe and Wendy for the great job on race committee.  Next year they will have their boat ready to race with us.

Some great racing!

Bob and Angie warming up.
Janet & Bruce
Bob & Leslie in their pretty boat.
Mark and Lil

Chris and Dave are somewhere.

Looks like Bob and Leslie in front

Mark and Lil finished and dousing


Bob & Leslie

Angie is there working the spinnaker.  You can see her arm.

Janet and Bruce
Captain Bob keeping his feet dry
A happy sailing couple

Party Time

Bob and Leslie's traveling bar

Results & Awards

3rd Place Bob & Leslie Damon

2nd Place Mark Rother and Lil Epstein

1st Place Chris & Dave Kelly

The Kelly's won the Bacchanalian Trophy for being first to the windward mark in the first race

"Youth gives us Love & Roses
While Age leaves us Friends & Wine

There were a few mishaps on the race course.  Day 1, none of us could find the race course.  On Day 2, Bob and Leslie broke the main sheet block but managed to finish the 4th race anyway but had to withdraw from the fifth.  Bruce and Janet figured out why they had so much helm on one tack.  Apparently they had some one sided wing keel action going on-- not too fast.
Stu-- we have work for you!

Joe gave them a loaner board for the next day which got stuck in the trunk on the way out.  No problem-- Janet dove under the boat and pulled it out manually.  They were not going to miss a third race because of equipment failure.  Way to go!
Styling with her buff

Before the end of the weekend we stopped at the bait shop which was rumored to have great burgers.  All true.
The annual group photo

Mark's Name for 2015

What will next years name be?

Pictures sent from others
That's Chris & Dave

Janet and Chris

Mark and Lil

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