Sunday, May 31, 2015

End of Season Party at Angie's


Hosts Angie and Bob served a great dinner followed by ping pong in the renovated rec room
Mark Rother sporting checked shorts with party shirt.  Mark brought his coconut rum and tropical mixer.
Dave Kelly in orange

Chris in traditional Napali garb
Stu and Shirley.  They almost look normal.
Janet Kreutzer-- We all agreed that she looked the worst - hence the best at this party.
Bob Morris looking his worst.  Bob also took the prize.

Chef Bob at work .     
The Men
The competition begins.  Angie wins the first game against Chris.

Mark ruled the table.   

Hit and Run Ping Pong

Late night bloomers at Stu's

Late night bloomer and late night bloomer
Look for Fall Schedule on next blog

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