Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Fleet Races at Belleair Causeway in Intercoastal Waterway

October 10, 2015

Saturday morning started out with overcast skies and plenty of rain.  The weather forecast was for clearing skies for a few hours and storms again by afternoon.  When are they ever right?  We all agreed we should give it a try.  The day turned out beautiful with wind 6-10.  Heading in, it picked up of course but was accompanied by some threatening clouds.

Mark and Lil headed out to the race course.

Stu and Andy set the windward mark on the west side of the Intercoastal.  To line up the course the Kelly's had to drop the leeward mark which put the shoal right in the middle of the course with an outgoing tide.  When Stu ran aground none of us felt that badly.  You had to choose which side to take on the upwind legs.
Keep that spinnaker full.  Stu and Andy headed to leeward mark.

The Kelly's won the first race.

Finally Dede and Beau made it to the race course.  We have not seen them much.  The next three races they were in control and got 3 bullets.
They had to displace the raccoon who was living in their boat.
Dede and Beau in "What" (We expect you out there every time)

There they are with their white spinnaker

Stu  and Andy ahead heading to the leeward mark.  Mark and Lil in tow and the Kelly's getting a rare shot from the rear.  HAHA

Get those chutes down

There's Mark and Lil sometime before a start.

We moved the course to accommodate for the wind shift and had a 4th race.  Here is how I think the scores went.
1st  "What"  Dede and Beau DNS(4)  1-1-1- Total 7
2nd "Swamp Thing"  Chris and Dave 1-2-3-3 Total 9
3rd "Stooze Boat"  Stu and Andy 2-3-2-2 Total 9 (Kelly's won the tie breaker)
4th "This Side Up"  Mark and Lil 3-4-4-4 Total 15  (Mark was wearing his ancient sails.  He is saving his fast sails for the One-Design Championship and he is fast with them.

We have an extra Day Sailer if a crew of two wants to try racing with us.  You need a car with a hitch.  Everything else is there.  Contact:  2015-16 Schedule is a few blogs back.
Kelly's boat at home with new spinnaker bag and old buoys and old boat.

Party at Naughty Nancy's
     The band was way too loud for us old farts but we made the most of it and went inside.
Mark and Lil at Naughty Nancy's
 Stu and Andy
 Mark and Lil


Next Race Saturday, Oct. 24th at Belleair Causeway

Race Start 1 PM


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