Sunday, November 29, 2015

Summer in November Sailing

November 28th, 2016

Blue skies, 80 degrees, northwesterly sea breeze 6-10.  Can't get too much better than that.

We got in 5 races, windward-leeward twice around.  The Kelly's ruled the day.  Mark & Greg took them out of the start on one race but that did not stop them.  Bob and Bob got a bunch of seconds and they didn't even capsize.  We missed Janet and Bruce but their kids brought home some bug from college so they were home in bed. 

Stu and Andy in the lead-- wait Kelly's took that picture.  Kelly's in the lead, Stu second.

Bob & Bob in the lead-- better get that spinnaker drawing if you want to stay there.  Wait-- Kelly's took that picture.

Getting ready to douse the spinnaker after the finish
Mark Rother and Greg Graham in light blue. The "Squid" is a substitute boat while "This Side Up" is being repaired. Greg is a substitute crew for Lil, his hotshot crew. (visiting family).  This is Greg's first time in a centerboard boat.  Mark's boat still under reconstruction.

Stu's handi-work under way.  Stu removed the top of the seat to get to the job.

Finished product coming soon.  We won't tell Mark but Stu added 20 pounds in the seat before closing it up.

Not real sure what this is?  I think it is inside the seat. 

Next fleet race:  Sunday December 13


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