Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Visitors from Cape Cod

 Fleet Racing 2/27/16

We had five boats out with a little changes in crew.  Wayne skippered "Squid" with Stu as crew.  Bob skippered "War Horse" (is that the name?) and Angie crewed.  Bruce skippered ? and Janet crewed.  Mark and Lil - no change and Chris and Dave no change until later - you'll see.

Wayne and Pat Hastings from Orleans Yacht Club, Cape Cod.  The Hastings hosted the Kelly's last year for the Nationals in Pleasant Bay.
Bruce is checking the wind speed.  Not a cloud in the sky, maybe 60 degrees.  Bruce read the wind at 9 with gusts to 14.  Can't ask for much better than that.  Maybe a little warmer for those wimpy Floridians. 
Bruce and Janet having a snack before racing
That is his thumb in case anyone was wondering.  Go Mark!
The Kelly's taking a picture from behind--- for once
Wayne & Stu with bob and Angie in the background
There goes Mark and Lil
The Kelly's taking a picture from the lead.  That feels better.

Next Race Saturday, March 12


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