Saturday, April 15, 2017

April Racing 2017

April 2

Five boats and five races again.
Mark & Mike

Janet and Bruce

Stu and Andy

Bob and Bob

Chris & Dave were there behind the camera.

The next picture is Bob and Bob on April 2 and the one after that is Bob and Bob on April 15

Bob and Bob looking good under spinaker
April 15
Bob and Bob under water 

April 15th was one of those easterlies we love so much.  The wind was 10 to 20 with gusts higher and  30 degree shifts.  We had three boats today.  Andy came down to crew with Stu but was so sick that Stu let Andy off the hook.  We probably all should have stayed ashore.  We set a windward/leeward course and got the first race started.  The Kelly's were in the lead on the first downwind and set the spinaker, gybed it in a lull, doused and rounded the mark.  Their timing was good because as soon as they rounded the mark they were in a strong gust.  Bob and Bob were preparing to douse and had just removed the pole when the gust hit them.  They were history and Bob got another successful capsize under his belt.  He is safely in the lead for "most capsizes".

His red spinaker just popping out of the water
Finally up.  They got their main back up and we all headed to the docks.

Pool Party at Stu and Shirley's tonight

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