Sunday, February 23, 2014

Foggy Fleet Racing, February 22, 2014

Fog in, Fog out- Wind up, Wind down
     That was the nature of the racing on this warm Saturday in late February for the 7 boats out sailing for the day.  We waited to rig because of no wind and no visibility.  By 12:45, the fog had lifted some and the breeze came up.

Welcome Back Andy.  Looking great!

Stu, Scott and Andy discussing tactics?

Weather on the smart phone.

Fog- where is the top of the bridge?

Our guide

Fogs lifted- rigging time

     Marks were set for the first race with wind 5 or so and we could see the marks--so far.  As the wind picked up just a bit the fog rolled in again so it was anyone's guess where the marks were.
Bob and Angie getting ready for the start

Searching for the marks in the fog

Nice breeze came up.  You can see the mark now.

Spinakers coming out of the fog

Plessners with the white spinaker

Found the mark and the finish

Fog horns going off as a boat was towing another in the nearby channel.  They did not know what was emerging from the fog

Great race.  The Kellys found the the finish first

     We had two good races and the wind had shifted.  Optimistically we adjusted the course and eliminated the reach and tried another.    Windward leward, twice around was the plan.  Plan changed to 1 x around.  The Plessners actually managed to finish without paddling.
Big Mistake

Hank and Bob found a little breeze


Adrift in fog

Where are the margaritas?

Wake me up when the wind comes in

Hank working hard

No comment

Beau and Dedee actually managed to finish the race without paddling.  


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