Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fleet Racing March 15-- One week before Mid-winters

The luck of the sailors
     As soon as we all launched, a gentle sea breeze filled in so we were able to get in 5 races for the day.  The wind was southeasterly, no south, no west, maybe southwest.  You get the picture.  Sometimes there was more wind on the right side of the course, sometimes it was on the left.  The left was tricky because it got pretty shallow over there and more shoals began to show as the tide went out.  It was easy to see where they were under the bright warm sunshine.  We had 5 boats on the line.  Mark came with crew and no boat.  His rudder was still in the shop- getting ready for mids.  He loaned his crew, windlass Paula Sher to Scott.  Mark's regular crew, Lil was out of town again.  Hank and Lil get around.

Captain Scott and crew Paula Shur

Captain Angie? and Bob

Get that spinaker full


Beautiful- good to have Andy sailing again!    

Some interesting spinaker runs.
Looks like Bob and Angie in the lead

Looks like Stu and Andy in the lead

Bruce and Janet catching up

This could be close

Beautiful day

Everyone is looking good! 

Andy practicing knots maybe.

Janet getting the spinaker back in the bag

Angie flying high!

Scot and Paula balanced well.

Bob looks too relaxed as Angie works the spinaker.

Bruce and Janet cruising along.

Smile for the camera!

Finally the finish.  Looks like Stu got in in front of Bruce and Janet

Here are the photographers feet.  Guess who.  They do not match the boat today.

Good Luck to everyone going to Mid-winters.  March 21, 22, and 23.  May we have good wind, lots of sunshine, good wine and good friendships.  Oh and good competition.
What will Mark's boat be named this year?

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