Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fleet Racing- April 12,2014

     Blue skies, 80 degrees, aqua water and an 8-12 knot easterly.  Since the wind was good we sailed near Compass Island to set up the race course.  We ended up with 7 boats when the Plessners joined us on the course.  Mike Richardson was also out there with his crew Kirk.  Come on Scott.  We want you out there! 
     Shifty and dying winds made for lots of lead changes and really close roundings and finishes- too close at times.  I believe there was some contact out there!  After a 180 degree shift with a nice sea breeze, we readjusted the course and had two more races in good wind for a total of 5 races.
Great Day was had by All.

Bruce and Janet cruising along between races

Dave Kelly

Bob and Angie
Stu and Bob

Mike and Kirk
 Bruce and Janet flying their new spinaker
Janet getting ready to douse
Lil- the human pole

Plessners with white spinaker in lead-- Actually who took that picture?  The Kelly's were in the lead.

Bruce and Janet leading with their new spinaker
Don't Jump!   

After racing we all cleaned up and met for dinner at the Mandarine Ivory Chinese Restaurant.  They set us up in our own room.  I guess they thought we were a bunch of roudy sailors.  Good food, good water (even the Kelly's didn't order beer), and good discussion.   Hank joined us for dinner.  He skipped the sailing because of bad back pain.  We missed you and Bob on the course.

Nice wink Hank!

Dave and Chris

Bruce and Janet

Bob's Birthday Bash
Happy Birthday Bob.

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