Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Great Fleet Racing--- April 26

  What a beautiful Day!

     The weather service predicted 10-15, but when are they ever right?  We may have had an occasional gust at 15 but more like 8-10.  We sailed north to Compass Island to escape the motor boat traffic and have more space on the course.  Stu set up a perfect gybe mark so we could carry the spinnaker on both reaches.

5 Boats competing today
Bob and Angie of - what is the name of your boat?

Stu and sub crew Jude of Stooze Boat

Bruce and Janet of  - what is the name of your boat?

Mark and Lil of "My Bad", "Hound Dog" or "This Side Up"

Chris and Dave of Swamp thing - Chris behind camera

Scott going solo- what is the name of boat?

     We had 5 races and the Kelly's ruled the day with 5 bullets.


Dinner at Maggio's Pizza Place after sailing.  Driving home-  "inside room at the light"
Who is driving that car?

Remember our next race is Sunday, May 11.  We switched it from Saturday because the Day Sailer Women are defending their 2013 Championship in the Bikini Cup.  Thanks to Peter Kvansnicka for loaning his S-2 7.9, Bounder II to the women for the second year in a row.  Rumor has it that there are other boats out to get us.  This year will be skipper Chris and crew Lil, Angie, and Zonna (a windlass) and Janet will be sailing with us this year. 

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