Monday, May 12, 2014

Bikini Cup 2014

     The Day Sailer Women once again won the Bikini Cup, successfully defending their title from 2013 Race.  Thanks again to Peter for generously loaning us his boat Bounder II, an S-2, 7.9
     The boat was skippered by Chris Kelly and the fabulous crew was Angie Stieren, Janet Kreutzer, Lil Epstein and the Colonel, Zonna.

  The big boat refused to head up and leave the area or they were out of control.  We managed to pass to leeward of them and get above them just after the gun.  From there it was history.  We were all by ourselves the rest of the race.

Go up. You can't be there!

Smooth sailing from then on.  That was the excitement for the race.

Making our way upwind.

The Big Finish!

Awards- Congratulations Day Sailer Women.  It was just a big dinghy.

Thank you Peter for trusting us with your great boat.  We made you proud.
A little toast and some of Peter's moonshine.

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