Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fleet Racing October 18, 2014

     All the wind we had this week blew itself out by Saturday.  We had light winds but blue skies and warm temperatures in the 80's.

Winners of the First Race of the Day
Bruce & Janet Kreutzer

We had four races with some close finishes.  Paula and Stu keeping Mark and Lil out at the finish.  . Stu takes a first in the 3rd race.  The Kelly's got a first in the 2nd and 4th race.

 Dave having a relaxing moment.

 Mark and Lil standing up in the boat.
 Mark and Lil standing in the boat.  Paula and Stu balancing their weight.
Mark and Lil are standing up again.

Lets have more wind for our next race on Saturday, October 25th-- and more competitors.  Come on Scott, Mike and Deede and Eric and anyone else in any dinghy who wants to join us.
Boca Ciaga coming up on 11/8-9 at Boca Ciaga Yacht Club.

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