Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fleet Racing October 25, 2014

     If the weather was perfect like it was today no sailor would ever get anything done.  The wind was north north west at 10-15 maybe a little higher in the gusts.  The sky was as blue as could be and the dolphins were abundant.  We only had 3 boats today but it was still a great day.  Bob and Angie got back into town from Minnesota at around 1 AM after driving straight through.  That was a weak excuse for missing today's fleet racing.  We all look forward to sailing with them again.  Our next race is The Boca Ciaga One Design Championships on November 8th and 9th.  It is always a great regatta.  Anyone with a Day Sailer I come join us.

Mark and Lil in the lead

Mark and Lil & Stu and Andy

Stu and Andy preparing to douse

The Kelly's boat flying the spinnaker also know as "The Bruise"

Chris enjoying a beer after the days races

     Mark and Lil won the first race with Stu and Andy in second.  The Kelly's had mark trouble in the first race.  They hit the mark and then got in Mark's way doing turns.  They redeemed themselves by getting a first in the next four races.

     Mark has two brilliant ideas that help make things a little better for his crew.  His first is leading his jib sheets aft with a second turning block so they are out of the way of the seat and Lil can be more comfortable.  What a guy.

On the left the sheet blocks the
seat and can be a real pain in
light air if the crew is sitting on the leeward side.  The picture on on the right shows the lead aft and the seat clear.

The second brilliant thing is the dog leash aft which draws in the spinnaker halyard when the spinnaker gets raised preventing kinks or knots when dousing.  It is not good going upwind with the spinnaker in the crews face as the skipper tries to get the knots out of the halyard so it can be completely doused-- though it did not work today,  Mark and Lil did just that in one of the races.  Flying half a spinnaker to going upwind is just not fast.

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