Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fleet Race November 29, 2014

     We have a lot to be thankful for in sunny Florida.  The cold front that passed through a few days ahead of our racing left us with clear blue skies, a warming trend with temperatures in the 70's and moderate flukey winds.  Lead changes were drastic if someone by sheer bad luck ended up in some weird hole or unfavorable wind shift.
Stu and Andy flying the spinaker on a reach.  Looks like the Kelly's just behind them.
      After being in last place on the first race, the Kelly's found some wind by the shoal but had to tack because running aground is slow.  Not sure how but Kelly's ended up in first.
     We had a surprise entry in the second race.  The Plessners came out to sail with us in What.  What?  Yes.  They sailed in what?  Yes.  What did they sail in?  What. 
"What"  Dedee and Beau Plessner
Seems they were not so rusty.  "What" got a first in the second race.  Who sailed what?  No,the Plessners sailed "What".
 Mark and Lil got a first in the 3rd race.
Mark in the lead with his new mast.  "This Side Up" stayed this side up today.
We got in one more race and this time Stu and Andy took a first.

If we had a 5th race, this would have been the winning boat.
Bob and Angie with their victory wave.

Next race, Sat. 12/13/14 at Belleair Causeway.  Everybody Come!

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