Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 13, 2014 Winter in Florida's Gulf Coast

     The sky was as blue as could be.  The sun was warm in the lee.  The wind was a perfect 10 knots from the northwest.  The cool air in the 60's was a nice change and it kept the bulk of the power boaters on shore.  We pretty much had the Inter coastal Waterway to ourselves except for the occasional fisherman or tour boat passing through the channel.

Mark and Lil cruising around before the start.

Bob and Angie testing out their new spreaders
Andy on the helm leaving the dock with Stu and Andy sporting their team uniforms
 Team Red with Stu back at the helm
 Stu ahead.  You can see Mark and Lil through the triangle of Stooze Boat, properly flying their spinnaker
Angie dousing the spinnaker as they prepare to round the leeward mark

We could not ask for a more perfect day!  We had four races with a good course.  Nice reaches set by Stu though the first one was a little tight which the Kelly's could not get through their head.  They kept trying to fly their spinnaker and were passed to windward each time, however they did regain the lead again before the finish- but not by much.
Amateur photographer Chris in her winter woolies and foulies taken by Dave (Christmas colors too)

Don't forget next Sunday, Dec. 21st at Belleair Causeway
From dinner after racing Nov.29th.  Everyone cleaned up nice!

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