Friday, May 20, 2016

Closing Races for 2015-16

May 14, 2016

     The last races of the season were on a beautiful, warm and sunny day.  We had shifting westerlies with 5 boats on the course.  The dolphins were plentiful and they even played with us a bit, diving under our boats and coming up for a peak on the other side.   
 Look closely.  There is a dolphin.

Bruce and Janet before a start

Stu and Andy
Bob and Bob aka The Bobs
Mark and Lil

Five boats did 5 races.  The Kelly's and Stu and Andy retired after the five and the other 3 boats stayed out for a 6th race.  What is this?  Sarasota.

Mark and Lil headed to the leeward mark.

Stu and Angie headed to leeward mark.

Bruce and Janet headed to the leeward mark.  Looks like the photographer was behind them.

There they are again!

There are "The Bobs"

Here comes the shots we have all been waiting for --- the photo finish.

Nice close finish but still hard to tell without a line on both pins.  You be the judge.
Fuzzy pic.

Scores?  Stu won a couple of races, the Kelly's won a couple of races-- Who won the last race?   Do you think we should keep track next year?  Take a vote.

Closing Party at Angies -  Worst dress party

Janet was pretty mild compared to last year

This was a real outfit that Angie's mother wore back in the day minus the shoes, socks and horizontal striped shirt

We really don't know who this is - some nerdy woman crashed our party
Always a little ping pong action
The female winner - turns out this was really Lil

Lil wearing her first place prize glasses

Male winner is Bob Morris wearing his prize winning teeth.  Sorry fuzzy.

News Flash

The Day Sailer women defended their 5 year winning streak by taking first place again in the Women's Challenge in Boca Ciega.  Peter once again generously donated his S2 7.9 for the event.

Bounder II

Zona, Lil, Janet and Chris accepting their 1st Place Trophy at Boca Ciega

2016-17 Tentative Schedule for Sept & Oct.

Opening Day          Saturday,  September 17, 2016
Dunedin Cup          Saturday,  September 24, 2016
Fleet Race               Saturday,  October 8, 2016
Fleet Race               Saturday,  October 15, 2016
Fleet Race               Saturday,  October 29, 2016
Some time in November is the Boca Ciega One Design Championship (Florida State Championships)

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