Monday, February 23, 2015

Lucky to Live in Florida

Dave & Chris enjoying the sunshine and each other
Can you believe it was February 22?  Rigging on shore was warm and sunny with temperatures in the high 70's.  We could tell there was some good wind but hard to predict in the lee of the land and big bridge where we were rigging. 

Pelican enjoying the calm water by the docks and hoping for a handout from the fishermen
 The wind blasted through the bridge as we crossed the channel and we wondered if this was a good idea.  A few clouds rolled in and it seemed the wind picked up.  Stu set the windward mark to the south for a windward/leeward course in the southerly.  We have not had this much wind in a while but everyone adjusted on the first windward leg and had a blast. 
The 'Bobs' - Neither of them are looking where they are going.
We got in 4 races but only had three boat this time.  Bruce and Janet are remodeling their home and got their priorities mixed up and worked on their house instead of sailing.  Just because they raced all day the day before in their big boat is no excuse!  But the baseboards do look good.

But this looks better

Stu and Andy in blue and the Bob's in red.  Looking good!

We had great wind all day with 10-15 with some higher gusts.  It was a little hectic so there are not that many pictures.

Our next race is Saturday, March 14th.  Sign up for the Mid-winters if you have not done so yet.  They are March 20-22 at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.

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